Dear Valued Customer,
I want to warn you about a possible fraud being committed by e-mail.  The criminal obtains access to the buyer's e-mail account and then intercepts e-mails, requesting payments be made to an alternate bank account.  The altered e-mails appear to come from the seller's account (in this case sales@wuli.com.tw) but are actually originating from the criminal.  The fraud e-mails are very thorough and may even include attachments of proforma invoices with the bank details changed.
Please note the following:
- We will NEVER ask you to make a wire transfer with an individual's name as the beneficiary.  The beneficiary will always be "Wuli Agriculture Machine Company", not John Smith or Steve Infanti or some other name.
Our company's bank accounts are located only in Taiwan, not China or another foreign country.
If you receive any requests that violate these points, please contact Wuli immediately by PHONE CALL.NEVER make the further confirmation through e-mails.  If your e-mail is compromised, you might prefer to contact us by fax at 886-4-2333-9530.  We will contact you back by phone or fax because the criminal has access to your e-mail and therefore the ability to delete our reply and send an e-mail telling you not to worry and pay to the criminal's bank account.
Also, it is strongly recommended that you safeguard your computer's security.  Here are a few suggestions:
- Install a good anti-virus software and set the program to automatically update the virus definitions and automatically scan your system periodically.  Both Avast and Avira are good programs with strong free versions.
- Install anti-malware software and regularly update the definitions and scan for unwanted software running on your computer.  Malwarebytes is an excellent free program for this.
- Change your passwords periodically, using strong passwords.
- If your e-mail has security questions to allow you entry in case you forget the password, do not use questions or answers that a criminal could figure out using information available in public records.  For example, a mother's maiden name or the street you grew up on.
Please be careful of anything that looks suspicious.  Thank you for your time and attention. 

Wuli Agriculture Machine Co. Ltd
TEL: 886-4-23303108
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