Model No : WL-0608E
Product Description

Zenoah Engine: 2HP | Pressure: 560 p.s.i. (40 kgf/cm2) | Suction Volume: 9 Liter/Minute

Product Introduction
Lightweight and convenient to carry!
The structure is light and easy to store, and the spraying place is not limited.
It is really convenient to work alone.
Industrial durable grade pump can be use for spraying and cleaning.
It is ideal for small-scale use and is the best helper for home use.
  • Stable Pressure: whenever the spray gun is on or off, the pressure remains stable.
  • Special valve design: patented integrated valve design, improve the efficiency of the pump, maintenance and more convenient.
  • Three-cylinder reciprocating pump: the flow is regular and stable, and the water pressure pulse wave vibration is small.
  • Super wear-resistant ceramic plunger: high hardness ceramic plunger for long-term use and extended service life.
  • Forged brass cylinders: resistant to corrosion and acid and alkali.
  • Adopting two-stroke engine: It adopts Japan imported ZENOAH engine, which is light in weight and stable at high speed.
  • Safety protection device: The whole engine has a flameout device, and the engine can be shut down immediately after use or emergency.
Standard Accessories:
1. Pressure Gauge
2. Suction Hose 1/2"*9FT
3. Suction Filter

Model Engine Suction Volume Working Pressure
HP L/Min. kgf/cm2 p.s.i.
WL-0608E 2 9 40 560
Dimensions: 49x32x36 cm Weight: 11.5 kgs

Engine: ZENOAH

★ Agricultural spraying: fertilization and pesticide spraying in farms.
★ Small water supply application: with the jet stirrer to extract river water, it can be used for irrigation and spraying of vegetable garden and fruit trees.
 General household cleaning: cleaning of floors, walls, terraces, and cleaning of vehicles.
 Shop cleaning: business kitchen cleaning, locomotive, home appliance cleaning industry, etc.