Model No : WH-0608
Product Description

Motor:1HP(ø1) | Pressure: 710 p.s.i. (50 kgf/cm2) | Suction Volume: 7.4 Liter/Minute

Product Introduction
Cleaning Master
Lightweight and convenient to carry
The structure is light and easy to store, and the spraying place is not limited. It is really convenient to work alone.
Industrial durable grade pump, spray cleaning efficiency, to meet the needs of small-scale use, the best helper for home staff.
  • Auto Pressure Release: Automatically releases pressure from the pump after spraying stops.
  • Single-phase induction motor: Durable with low noise and minimal pulsation.
  • Circuit Breaker: Stops the motor if power supply voltabe is outside of safety parameters.
  • Hardened Ceramic Plungers: Provides long-term use and extends product life.
  • New Valve Assembly Design: Combines inlet and outlet functions to increase efficiency.
  • Tri-Plunger Pump: Steady flow with minimal pulsation.

Standard Accessories:
1. Unloading Valve Assy.
2. Pressure Gauge
3. Suction Hose 1/2"*9FT
4. Suction Filter & Filter Socket
5. Hose 8.5mm*10M
6. Spray Gun with Adjustable Nozzle N-6-1 ∮1.2(WH-0707) / N-6-2 ∮1.5(WH-0608)
Model Motor Suction Volume Working Pressure




R.P.M. L/Min. kgf/cm2 p.s.i.
WH-0707 1 230 50 1 1450 7.4 50 710
WH-0608 1 110/220 60 1 1750 8.9 45 640
Dimension: 49x24x33 cm Weight: 25 kgs


★ Agricultural spraying: fertilization and pesticide spraying in farms.
★ Small water supply application: with the jet stirrer to extract river water, it can be used for irrigation and spraying of vegetable garden and fruit trees.
 General household cleaning: cleaning of floors, walls, terraces, and cleaning of vehicles.
 Shop cleaning: business kitchen cleaning, locomotive, home appliance cleaning industry, etc.