High Pressure Pump
Model No : WH-1540
Product Description

Pressure: 1500 p.s.i. (100 kgf/cm2) | Suction Volume: 43 Liter/Minute

Product Introduction
  • Triplex ceramic plunger
  • Die cast aluminum-zinc alloy crankcase
  • Brass manifold
  • Durable seal design 
  • Pumps can be provided alone for use in high-pressure cleaners or car wash facilities.  Complete high pressure washer units are also available for professional use, ideal for cleaning machines, vehicles, and buildings. 
Standard Accessories:
1. Pressure Gauge
2. Unloading Valve Assy.
3. Pump Pulley 10B2*24*8
4. Suction Hose Assy. 1-1/4"*10FT
5. Suction Filter & Filter Socket
6. Overflow Hose Assy. 3/4"*9FT
Model Suction Volume Working Pressure Required Power Revolution
L/Min. gpm kgf/cm2 psi HP KW rpm
WH-1540 43 11.3 100 1500 10 7.5 900
Dimensions: 48x40x38 cm Weight: 24.5 kg (Pump weight only)


★ Cleaning: Ideal for use with cars, buses, trains, aircraft, ships, buildings and construction sites.
★ Pressure Testing: Testing couplings, hardware, hoses or pipes.
★ Carwash System: High-volume pumps are suitable for a wide range of carwash tunnels and multi-bay establishments.
★ Misting System: Flash evaporation mist cooling for applications of all sizes.
★ Add Humidity: Fine droplet misting for mushroom farms, textile mills and other factories.
★ Neutralize Odor: Spray disinfectant or fragrances to improve air quality.