Model No : WN-1003-M
Product Description

Working Pressure:70 kgf/cm2 | Suction Volume:3.6 L/Min.

Product Introduction
  • 1000 psi operating pressure for optimal misting effect using the narrowest orifice nozzles.
  • Nickel-plated forged brass manifold resists rust and corrosion.
  • Patented internal rinse cooling design to increase pump life.
  • Dual bearing design to lower the heat and noise level down to 75 dB.
  • Automatic pressure valve controls the consistency of the pump pressure.
  • Circuit breaker for electrical safety if the voltage is outside of the safety parameter.
  • 24-hour timer with 8 settings for minutes and seconds to set the misting intervals as well as pressure release.
  • Inlet filter system increases the pump's life and reduces clogged nozzles.
  • Choose either Wuli's patented stainless steel pipe or high-pressure hose for quick installation and high durability.
Model Motor Power Suction Volume Nozzles Working Pressure
HP Volt Hz ø R.P.M L/min Gpm 0.15mm kgf/cm2 p.s.i
WN-1003-5M 1/2 230 50 1 710 3.6 0.94 40~65 70 1000
WN-1003-6M 3/4 220 60 1 1150 3.6 0.94 39~63 70 1000
Dimensions: 53x41x39 cm Weight: 34 kgs


★ Residential cooling
 Industrial cooling
 Commercial cooling
 Agriculture and greenhouse use
 Special landscaping effects
 Dust/odor control
 Air condition condenser pre-cooling
★ Epidemic prevention
★ Disinfection

High Pressure Misting Hose:


Stainless Steel Pipe: